For all of your videos, seminars, recorded talks and other content, we’ll add text to make it relevant for your audience.

Have you ever watched any TED Talks? We love them here at AZ Languages. We’ve posted one here on global business. As you can see, it has a lot of Chinese characters as the speaker goes on. This is how subtitles work: they bring your message to audiences that can’t access it in the original language.

With more and more video content out there, subtitling is an up and coming service. Just imagine the impact you could have on your potential customers in other countries by treating them to a great presentation that demonstrates all of your passion and expertise, conveyed through subtitles in their own language. Success guaranteed.

This is also something we can help you with by matching you with an experienced subtitler working with specialist subtitling software. Please don’t forget to give us a shout-out during your first TED talk, too!

Are you ready for the first step towards going global?