Your international adventure starts with the first translated text:

Still wondering if your company can go global?

If you run your own company, be that in the form of a family business or as a high-flying freelancer, you’ve most likely spent a lot of time thinking about this whole idea of “going global”. Now more than ever, it’s possible for companies like yours to succeed at the international level.

But how? With a well-balanced combination of language assistance, consultancy and advice, we’ll help you take your company abroad. We provide services that cover the A to Z of going global with the help of our own resources and a network of professionals offering bespoke services. You’ll be surprised just how far our language services for SMEs will take you.

We know how to help ambitious, unique companies – like yours – go global. We’ve been there ourselves.

What do you need to make your business plan a reality?

If your business plan for 2017 includes words such as “global”, “international”, “import”, “export” or “going global for SMEs”… then you’re being ambitious, but definitely on the right track. Conditions for smaller, aspiring businesses have never been better. Now is the right time to establish new contacts, be they new clients in Spain, Italy or Iceland, or suppliers in Poland, Greece or Portugal.

But that’s already in your business plan for sure. The only challenge is to find resources that make global for SMEs that much easier.

This is where we come in, helping you make your business plan a reality with our language services. We’ll help you communicate with that new client in Spain or translate that important contract into Italian; we’ll even speak to that trusted Slovak supplier on the phone. We put you in touch with the right person to do the job and cut out the middleman, so that you can oversee your project from start to finish. Here’s what we can offer that will help make your overall ambitions a reality.

What do you need to make your business plan a reality?


CEO & Founder

I’m Alessio Demartis, language entrepreneur and passionate owner of AZ Languages. Together with my trusted team, we offer translation, localization, proofreading and interpreting services that are tailor-made to your business.

We both know that an individual approach and attention to detail is what really makes the difference, which is why I will personally oversee all of your projects. By working with you to analyze your goals and objectives, I can then match you with the best linguist for your company.

Our service is top-quality and fully professional. You have my word.

When it comes to my own linguistic experience, I’ve been geeking out over languages since I was a child. I started to learn three languages before I even knew what a coefficient was, and while I’m now managing my own business, I’m still constantly honing my language skills, attending training courses, travelling all over the world and, most importantly, talking to people. Who knows, maybe I could even put you in touch with your next business partner?

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Why be a part of AZ Languages?

AZ Languages is a company with strong values and entrepreneurial drive, supported by its team of translators. We believe that our passion and talent can help other businesses succeed on a global scale.

If you like our approach and you have a similar ethos, we’d be delighted to work with you. We’re looking for excellent, dedicated and passionate linguists to join our team of translators. Our expectations are high, but we always treat our business partners, like you, fairly and respectfully. We believe in good business.

Are you ready for the first step towards going global?

We’re here to talk.

Just like you, we’re not one of those massive, unavailable, impersonal companies. We’re here to talk and tailor our services exactly to your needs. We also don’t waste money on unnecessary corporate expenses: we’d rather keep costs down and pass the savings on to you.

If you feel that we’re on the same page, get in touch so we can arrange the details.

No automated answering machines, mass emails, or unavailable Project Managers.

That’s a promise.