Interpreting, the transfer of spoken language, will help you make that all-important great first impression. Wondering where you might need an interpreter?

Your first meeting abroad, a conference you’re organizing in another country, business negotiations or even that video or teleconference you’re about to schedule with an overseas supplier…these are all occasions that could benefit substantially from the services of an interpreter.

AZ LANGUAGES can provide you with an interpreter and help you make the right impression, facilitate communication and reach a global audience. Just listen…

Let’s for a moment think about your company. Your product has been very well received in English and now you’re planning to make the same pitch in another language. You’ve found the right venue and you have a few potential attendees lined up. You want their buy-in for your offer.

Now, the challenge is  how are you going to convince a group of potential buyers to make a purchase without speaking their language?

This is where a simultaneous interpreter comes in. Imagine you can just be yourself, make a great pitch and throw in some jokes and anecdotes while a professional interpreter conveys that exact message in another language. Your audience can enjoy your carefully thought-out pitch through headphones.

You can employ a simultaneous interpreter for meetings, training courses, seminars or any event where you need to understand exactly what’s being said on the spot.

Have you ever seen a foreign politician giving a speech? Of course you have. Most likely you also noticed that well-dressed, anonymous person following them like a shadow and actually doing the talking in English.

That was a consecutive interpreter, whose job is to interpret longer bits of speech from their notes and memory. While we can’t promise you a career in politics and screen-time on national television, we can provide you with an excellent consecutive interpreter to make you feel like a boss.

Do you remember the last time you went to a conference in another country? That moment when you picked up the headphones and could suddenly understand everything that was being said? This is conference interpreting.

If you’re thinking of organizing a conference yourself, we are certainly able and happy to help you with organization and we can also arrange for a pair of trained conference interpreters to attend, regardless of whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

If you’re the only foreign guest in the room and the meeting or presentation is held in a foreign language, what you need is chuchotage. You’ll literally have an interpreter whispering the speech into your ear without disturbing the speaker. This also works for small groups of up to 5 people.

Business meetings can be difficult at the best of times. Now throw a language barrier into the mix. Think of all the potential problems and misunderstandings that can arise in a heated debate. Business interpreting helps you avoid all that and provides you with instant interpretation of the conversation.

Do you have an upcoming foreign language telephone call, teleconference or videoconference? We can provide you with an interpreter on the other end of the line. You don’t even have to leave your office.

If you’ve invested in going to a trade fair in another country, you should definitely have an interpreter with you. They’ll help you at the stand, but also during those crucial networking events.

Are you ready for the first step towards going global?